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Another source of radon can be well water that is contaminated with dissolved radon. Once it is used in the home, the dissolved radon gas is released into the air. A major part of any radon mitigation strategy in Brighton, Michigan is ensuring that the home’s water is kept radon free. 


Effective Radon Mitigation in Brighton, Michigan: If a house has high levels of radon, the owners must immediately work to develop and implement a Brighton MI radon mitigation strategy. Fortunately, there are several economical radon mitigation techniques available to Brighton, Michigan homeowners. 

One moderately-effective technique for radon mitigation in Brighton Michigan is to reduce the number of points where radon can enter the home. Sealing cracks in the foundation, as well as gaps in living and crawl spaces can help reduce the amount of radon entering the home. However, this type of radon mitigation in Brighton, MI must be combined with other radon mitigation techniques, in order to effectively eliminate high Brighton Michigan radon levels. 

Soil Suction Radon Mitigation Systems for Brighton MI: A soil suction system is one of the most popular Brighton, Michigan radon mitigation techniques in current use. This system prevents radon from entering the structure by using a vent and vent pipe to propel the radon out of the soil and vent it outside where it is quickly dispersed. There are a number of specific types of soil suction systems, depending on the design of the building’s foundation. 




Internal Fans for Radon Mitigation in Brighton Michigan: Another technique for radon mitigation in the Brighton, MI home is the use of internal fans. These systems help depressurize the earth beneath the home, preventing radon gas from entering the house. However, these radon mitigation systems of Brighton Michigan may increase heating and cooling bills slightly as they have a minimal downward draw of conditioned air from within the home. 

Brighton, MI Radon Mitigation Techniques for Water: If a home’s water has high levels of radon, then there are two common methods for radon mitigation in Brighton Michigan that can be used to reduce the amount of waterborne radon. The most common technique aerates the water by blowing bubbles of air through it. This removes the radon from the water and safely disperses it. Another technique uses granular activated carbon filters in order to filter out the radon. This Brighton, Michigan radon mitigation system is less expensive than aerator systems, but requires the occasional replacement of the filters. 

As can be seen, while radon contamination can pose a problem for the homeowner, there are a wide variety of methods that can be used to eliminate the presence of radon in the home. By using these methods, new and old homes alike can be kept radon free.

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